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Kalix: Simplifying Practice, Enhancing Patient Outcomes

Claire Nichols, Founder and CEO, KalixClaire Nichols, Founder and CEO, Kalix
Working with a team of multi-disciplinary health professionals, Claire Nichols who was the sole dietitian in the team, found great difficulty in charting medical notes. As the conventional documentation systems primarily served the physicians, she still found herself relying on handwritten notes, which added severe limitations on sharing or recording information. Even after repeated searches, Claire could not find a single solution to suffice her needs. Perturbed and disappointed, she was kindled by a keen desire to develop a comprehensive documentation system for dietitians and nutrition professionals. Thus, saw the inception of Kalix and the development of namesake platform for electronic documentation back in 2012. However, as Kalix moves ahead with the mission to help healthcare professionals achieve more efficient and profitable practices, the platform has evolved into an overarching EMR, practice management, and telehealth solution.

Developed to help dietitians and other allied health professionals, Kalix provisions a plethora of integrative functionalities, which are all available on a single platform. Namely, ‘Online Scheduling’ that facilitates patients to make online appointments via the health professional’s own website. ‘Billing’ that supports the creation of invoices, Superbills and CMS-1500 (a form to bill Medicare and private insurance Fee-For-Services). ‘HIPAA Compliant Telehealth’ that provisions high-quality video conferencing with the induced features for files sharing, screen sharing, chatting, and group meetings. ‘E-Signing and Online Forms’ that automates the patients’ intake process by facilitating electronic agreements and form submissions, ‘Secure Client Messaging’ to facilitate secure messaging and file sharing with clients and contacts, at anytime, ‘Appointment and Billing Reminders’ to provision smart appointment and payment reminders via text, voice, and email, ‘Kalix’s Template Library’ that offers vast templates of chart notes, forms, client summaries to choose or customize according to the user’s taste, and more.

However, what makes these rich functionalities so impressive is Kalix’s sheer flexibility, security, and usability.

The flexibility of the platform is such that it gives users the ability to customize according to their respective workflows. “Kalix is developed to be highly intuitive. It helps health professionals with enriching functionalities, such as teleconferencing, online forms and messaging to securely interact with patients,” states Claire, Founder and CEO, Kalix. On the other hand, developed as a cloud-based solution, the platform not only provides an impenetrable protection of critical data but also duly meets the requirements of HIPAA compliances. Topping these, the platform is extremely user-friendly; it effectively streamlines tasks and removes any redundant workflows that create confusion.

Kalix is developed to be highly intuitive. It helps health professionals with enriching functionalities, such as teleconferencing, online forms and messaging to securely interact with patients

The dedicated team at Kalix is not just about developing the platform; they aptly recognize the importance of implementation and adopt an ingenious on-boarding process. If a health professional is interested in the platform, he or she could directly sign-up for a free trial online, providing them with ample time to decide whether it is the right solution or what are the specific functionalities that one needs. Parallelly, Kalix also offers free online training programs, in the form of one-on-one training sessions, furnishing the specialized needs of health professionals. Finally, when they do decide on purchasing, the platform is offered on a scalable pricing basis, ensuring that the solution is justifiably affordable.

The efficacy of such an impressive platform can be illustrated by a number of searing testimonials from its users. Vinci Tsuii, a registered dietitian, delineates Kalix as, “It is a cost-effective, secure EMR that allows me to chart from anywhere. It’s easy to use and customize, and I love how the company continues to grow and innovate with new features.” With such motivating acknowledgements, Kalix is further fuelled to enhance and add even more functionalities to the platform. The company looks forward to devise more innovative features to engender seamless patient interactions and launch the platform in multiple languages. Furthermore, it looks to geographically expand its outreach.