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MyTelemedicine: Providing Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

 Rey Colon, CEO, MyTelemedicine
The tags of "cumbersome" and "costly" are gradually being removed from the delivery and acquisition of healthcare, with the advent of telemedicine. Healthcare organizations, software companies, and academics are exploring and heavily investing in innovative ways to leverage telecommunications and technology for the improvement of the healthcare industry. Telemedicine is a growing focus due to its capability to overcome the barriers of distance and expense in the healthcare field. But, "there is so much more to telemedicine than picking up the phone and talking to the doctor," says Rey Colon, the CEO of MyTelemedicine. Apart from bringing the advantages of remote consultations via telephone, email, and video technology to the fore, MyTelemedicine is exploring remote monitoring of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, through the integration of wearable devices with their proprietary telemedicine platform. This encourages consumers to become proactive with their health.

Foresight, integration capabilities, and APIs are what differentiate MyTelemedicine from its competitors in the market. MyTelemedicine has incorporated e-prescribing, a patient portal, and EMR system among several other modules into its robust, cloud-based eco-system. In addition to assuming the responsibility of marketing as well as administration, MyTelemedicine provides self-provisioning SaaS capable iterations of their platform, which enables individual practices to design their own telemedicine initiatives (including scheduling, pay per consultation and reimbursement) that complement rather than conflict with their current servicing model.

MyTelemedicine's simple administration platform allows their clients and partners to administer and manage client eligibility along with real-time activation. In addition, clients can download marketing and engagement collateral and generate real-time utilization reports.

Fueled by innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology, MyTelemedicine is driven by a passion to serve both patients and healthcare providers

According to Colon, “Telemedicine is now going mainstream though some states are adopting different regulations around it.” For example, Arkansas requires that an initial consultation must be done via video to establish a physician-patient relationship. MyTelemedicine has developed a state by state rules engine to ensure compliance with the regulations set by the medical boards of each state.

In parallel to its technological offerings, MyTelemedicine has built a strong national network of physicians all over the U.S. The company’s members can contact a physician, licensed to practice in their respective state, through a video, voice or a chat app on their mobiles. The physicians, upon contact, can offer advice, recommendation or even diagnosis for common acute illnesses such as flu. Furthermore, MyTelemedicine's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Haywood Hall, and his team of physician advisors are working on developing chronic care management programs leveraging data analytics and peripheral integration.

MyTelemedicine, not only operates in the U.S., but has its presence in the Hispanic countries as well. The company has formed strategic partnerships with organizations such as Univision (one of the largest Hispanic media companies) and PACE MD (a social impact company) to provide telemedicine access to Spanish speaking communities.

In 2018, MyTelemedicine intends to launch their full end-to-end SaaS model and target the provider and hospital market. Chronic care management programs, more integration with wearable devices, and exploration of AI and Chatbots is on their roadmap as well. Fueled by innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology, MyTelemedicine is driven by a passion to serve both patients and healthcare providers. “Everyone's collaborative efforts have been key in making MyTelemedicine what it is today,” concludes Colon with pride.