One Touch Telehealth: Telehealth Simplified

One Touch Telehealth: Telehealth Simplified

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Carrie Chitsey, CEO and Co-founder, One Touch TelehealthCarrie Chitsey, CEO and Co-founder, One Touch Telehealth
The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of telehealth. It has enabled remote working for healthcare professionals—in varying degrees—while simultaneously giving patients due and safe access to healthcare. However, achieving a streamlined telehealth workflow convenient for every patient, provider, and healthcare staff member, is no easy task. Relying on point solutions such as video conferencing, file sharing, and spreadsheet tools are faroff from replicating a patient’s experience of physically visiting a provider. Not to mention that such solutions are in no way HIPAA compliant. The need of the hour for healthcare organizations is an all-encompassing and fully compliant telehealth solution that can help increase patient management while enabling healthcare professionals to virtually cater to each patient in a cohesive and unified manner. Delivering just that is One Touch Telehealth.

“We enable healthcare organizations to go beyond video conferencing, and align better with in-person workflows to reduce patient touch points,” says Carrie Chitsey, CEO and Co-founder, One Touch Telehealth. The company's one hundred percent white-labeled telehealth platform is easily customizable, browser-based, and boasts a simple 2-click operation for both the patients and providers. Their latest release goes beyond 1:1 video calls to provide true virtual care, mirroring in-person workflows, anywhere. These aspects translate to a high adoption rate of the solution among patients and healthcare organizations. Many of the company's clients have reported a 97 percent patient satisfaction rate. From a patient experience standpoint, the platform features a virtual lobby that emulates an in-person lobby that takes patients via intelligent routing to the right provider while facilitating “on the way” interactions with healthcare professionals such as nurses.

In effect, the solution minimizes the operational overhead pertaining to telemedicine by 20-30 percent and minimizes touch points pre- and post-appointments. The platform is completely configurable based on what the provider in question requires and integrates will with EMR/EHRs.

We enable healthcare organizations to go beyond video conferencing and align better with in-person workflows to reduce patient touchpoints

One Touch Telehealth’s clients include specialty medicine healthcare entities, large practices, and home health and behavioral clinics, to name a few. Carrie shares the success story of one of their clients, a large nephrology clinic that seamlessly implemented the platform’s virtual workflow, which enabled nurses and providers working from home to deliver streamlined consultation. The clinic improved its workforce efficiency by 25 percent, which allowed them to see more patients. Before using One Touch Telehealth’s platform, the clinic relied on disjointed solutions that resulted in missed/late appointments and four touchpoints with patients to complete a telehealth appointment.

In many way’s One Touch Telehealth has enabled countless healthcare organizations to improve their revenue streams by leveraging telehealth's full prowess, especially during the constraining days that the pandemic has put forth, where many healthcare establishments were losing business. One Touch Telehealth recognizes that the pandemic has put telemedicine ahead by 18 months from an adoption standpoint. In this regard, the company strives to broaden the scope of its solution to adhere to evolving needs, compliance, and technology implications in the telehealth space. One Touch Telehealth’s value proposition has enabled it to bag the award for the “Top Connected Health Solution of 2020.”

As a seasoned technology entrepreneur who has successfully founded and run seven companies, Carrie is a visionary leader who helms One Touch Telehealth to direct its future growth. In addition to hosting the Executive Innovation Show podcast, Carrie is also actively involved in using her knowledge and wisdom to help local communities and nonprofits innovate in their respective endeavors.