Telemate: Facilitating Telemedicine in Rural Clinics

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Troy Crabtree Founder, TelemateTroy Crabtree Founder, Telemate
Although the adoption of telemedicine is rising by the day, quality telehealth remains a farfetched idea for many, especially in remote areas. Worse yet, deploying technology and managing it in multi-distributed footprints for efficient care delivery often turns out to be an uphill struggle. With an aim to bridge the gap between medical staff and rural healthcare clinics, Tennessee-based Telemate introduces turnkey technology solutions to drive telehealth services down to the rural clinics. Troy Crabtree, the founder of the company, remarks, “We don’t merely sell a telemedicine platform; we offer an exceptional healthcare experience.” Having worked as a CIO in multiple industries and verticals, Crabtree brings in his rich experience of over 18 years in the field. With Crabtree at the helm, Telemate’s highly qualified executive team leverages its in-depth niche knowledge in both technology and healthcare to provide “the last mile of healthcare,” empowering smaller, rural clinics with advanced telehealth services and additional revenues.

Telemate has marked its prominence in the telemedicine space owing to the unprecedented benefits that it brings to the table. To begin with, Telemate’s solutions are agnostic to healthcare platforms and can be attuned to any EMR or EHR. While other industry players often mandate clients to adopt certain software to leverage their solutions, Telemate offers flexible solutions that can work in tandem with clients’ existing platforms. Telemate equips customers with the ability to calculate their CapEx and OpEx through a revenue sharing model that allows them to realize revenue quicker without incurring huge capital expenditures. Most importantly, the company adopts a consultative approach when it comes to mapping out solutions in collaboration with clients. Not just that; Telemate empowers them with end-to-end, 24/7 managed services, right from shipping to deployment and patching of the solutions along with proactive security to deliver a worry-free IT experience.

Supporting telemedicine can be difficult as it involves a number of peripherals.

Telemate’s highly qualified executive team leverages its in-depth niche knowledge in both technology and healthcare to provide “the last mile of healthcare

As such, team Telemate focuses on being subject matter experts in their products while implementing industry best practices and adhering to ITIL and ITSM standards for their helpdesk services. “We have the ability to cater to the needs of clients from all shifts and time zones, roll trucks for implementing our services around the country, and perform asset tracking and warehouse management,” says Crabtree. As a part of its service, Telemate offers an FDA-certified warehouse to store clients’ assets and services to track them.

Emphasizing Telemate’s robust and cost-efficient telehealth services, Crabtree speaks of an instance where the company assisted a group of doctors in establishing a telemedicine practice. While they had doctors and quality lines of services credentialed by the state, they lacked the knowledge of purchasing, managing, and deploying the required technology to begin the practice. As a technology partner, Telemate came to the rescue and alleviated their technical concerns with their cutting-edge solutions and managed services, allowing them to focus on delivering their telehealth services. Citing another use case, Crabtree sheds light on Telemate’s competency in helping rural clinics bring in quality lines of service outside the primary care physician’s qualifications. For instance, in case of rural clinics, if a primary care physician seeks to add new lines of services to their practice or bring on a new doctor, the Telemate team can help them with efficient billing and scheduling components through their revenue sharing model without any additional cost upfront.

Telemate, currently, is in the process of raising funds from private equity firms to accelerate its go to market and grow its vertical in the market segment. Besides, the company is also looking at making acquisitions to expedite growth and enhance its platform.