10 Most Promising Telemedicine Solution Providers 2016

The adoption of telehealth services and m-Health digital application platforms are transforming the traditional methods of care delivery in the healthcare continuum. The telemedicine technology is at center point of stimulating patient-centric care by leveraging advanced clinical facilities at any time and any location to improve quality of care. Amidst the mobile technologies, Clinical Decision Support (CDS), and Electronic Health Records (EHR) proliferating in healthcare industry, two-way interactive interactions through telemedicine platforms enable the clinicians to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at remote locations in a viable and cost-effective fashion. Video conferencing, email conversations, and mobile chat applications are the primary mode of communication for telemedicine services.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
American Well A telehealth services company that brings healthcare into the homes and workplaces of patients
Avizia Provides real-time video collaboration to meet the unique product requirements of healthcare
DaVincian Healthcare Provides healthcare solutions that improve clinical outcomes, by intelligently and securely connecting mobile devices, healthcare expertise, and healthcare data
ETIAM Allows health professionals to enrich, store, visualize and share the patient medical record within and outside the hospital, in real time
ForaCare, Inc. Provides chronic disease management solutions
Krixi Corporation An innovator of web based telemedicine and telestroke services
SnapMD SnapMD is the leader in white-label cloud-based Virtual Care Management (VCM) systems focused on the patient and clinician telemedicine experience
Teladoc Delivers on-demand health care anytime, and anywhere via mobile devices, the Internet, secure video and phone
VirtuMedix Provides reliable and secure telemedicine platform that allows healthcare practitioners virtual interaction with patients via mobile devices, web portal or telephone
WellVia A nationwide telehealth organization delivering affordable, convenient, quality healthcare to patients round the clock