Top Telemedicine Solution Companies
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Top 10 Telemedicine Solution Companies - 2017

With the demand for healthcare convenience at an all-time high, telemedicine today plays a crucial role in streamlining clinical workflows, improving care coordination, and fostering long-term health outcomes. For healthcare practitioners, adding telemedicine services, which require minimal upfront investment to their clinical repertoire, will play a pivotal role in providing cost-effective, higher value care to the homebound or the geographically isolated patients. There has been a spurt in the adoption of secure telemedicine platforms that support virtual interaction between healthcare practitioners and patients, via real-time video collaboration and on-demand healthcare through mobile and IoT devices.

As healthcare CIOs plan to integrate telehealth into their healthcare delivery model, investing in the right telehealth technology enhancements has emerged as a top priority. Catering to this requirement, the solution providers in the telemedicine arena offer a wide array of solutions that significantly improve healthcare outcomes.

In the last few months we have evaluated scores of technology solution providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the challenges in the telemedicine arena. The companies listed in this edition have exhibited comprehensive know-how and in-depth expertise in delivering telemedicine technology solutions that greatly enhance patient-centric care.

In this edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook, we bring to you the 10 Most Promising Telemedicine Solution Providers of 2017 featuring the vendors redefining the telemedicine landscape.

    Top Telemedicine Solution Companies

  • Analyte Health facilitates the integration of laboratory testing into telehealth ecosystems to provide an actionable path to treatment

  • Avedis helps to streamline communication, simplify documentation and data collection for telemedicine networks and providers

  • A neurotelemetry company that provides continuous EEG (cEEG) brain monitoring services to enhance the neurologic assessment of ICU patients

  • Offers a web-based application for exchanging eye-related clinical information allowing for early detection of sightthreatening cases

  • A provider of telemedicine solutions including telemedicine stations, examination cameras, connected medical devices, video conferencing and software that allow for connected care and dynamic collaboration of healthcare professionals at remote locations

  • Pioneering innovative biomedical technologies to address the needs of patients with movement disorders and ensure a higher efficacy of physiological monitoring

  • Develops best-in-class digital decision-support tools and clinical vocabularies to quickly deliver convenient telehealth and triage care

  • InnovaTel provides high-quality telepsychiatry services for adults and adolescents to alleviate the shortage of psychiatrists in the country

  • Provides an AI powered system that intelligently connects people to the right care at the right time

  • Expert medical second opinions via exclusive partnerships with top-ranked U.S. hospitals of The WorldCare Consortium®