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Top 10 Telemedicine Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has severely restricted patients’ ability to see their doctors, telemedicine has taken to the frontline of the hard-hit healthcare industry. Telemedicine is expanding access to essential health services amid increasing social distancing facilitate public health mitigation strategies during this pandemic. These services can be a safer option for healthcare providers and patients by reducing potential infectious exposures. Besides, continued care through telemedicine can avoid additional negative consequences from delayed preventive, chronic, or routine care. And many of these dynamics are likely to be in place for at least the next 12 to 18 months, as concerns about COVID-19 remain until a surefire vaccine is discovered. During this period, patients’ preferences for care access will continue to evolve, and telemedicine could become more deeply embedded in the care delivery system.

However, to ultimately realize such an ambitious dream, the healthcare sector first needs to mitigate many of the pervasive issues of the present day. The primary concerns about telehealth include security, workflow integration, effectiveness compared with in-person visits, and the terms of reimbursement. Similarly, there is a gap between consumers’ interest in telehealth (76 percent) and actual usage (46 percent). Factors such as lack of awareness of telehealth offerings, education on types of care needs that could be met virtually, and understanding of insurance coverage are some of the drivers of this gap. Therefore, incorporating telemedicine with present healthcare will require new ways of working for a broad set of providers, step-change improvements in information exchange, and broadening access and integration of technology.

At this juncture, telemedicine consulting/service providers with advanced and integrated offerings are on the rise. To help healthcare providers strengthen their operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the sector, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 most promising telemedicine consulting/services companies. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that solve challenges in the telemedicine arena by implementing the current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs & CXOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Telemedicine Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Telemedicine Consulting/Services Companies

  • Telehealth services from SAMI-Aid connects you to health care from virtually anywhere

  • Sound Telemedicine connects its clients—nursing homes and large hospitals—with engaged physician partners to help drive performance improvement. Through this service offering, Sound Telemedicine is enabling a more accessible and patient-centered healthcare ecosystem—needs that have come to the fore today. Sound Telemedicine improves clinical outcomes in nursing homes with best-in-class clinicians, technology, and workflows. Sound Telemedicine's suite of services includes a rapidly-deployable model that can go live within 72 hours in an emergency scenario. The company uses telemedicine as an enabling tool, with a core focus on outcomes

  • TeleMate functions in a way unique to our industry. Our core values focus around Service, Innovation, Inclusion, Humility, and Integrity. We operate around a proven service model process to assist companies in aligning business objectives with technology strategy. Our mission is to provide best of class technology solutions and support through our comprehensive line of services, toolsets and experience. We strive to assist companies in leveraging information technology as a key strategic asset to support and drive innovation, profitability and customer satisfaction

  • Blue Sky Telehealth

    Blue Sky Telehealth

    Blue Sky Telehealth is committed to making specialty healthcare services more accessible to patients nationwide. We partner with hospitals to create a customized telehealth system that integrates with the facility’s existing processes and technology. Through our service, medical facilities can contact highly experienced medical specialists 24/7 to assist with patient care, diagnosis, and treatment. This saves hospitals the cost of keeping a medical specialist on-call full time and ensures that a qualified medical professional will always be available to tend to a patient with special care needs

  • InSight Telepsychiatry

    InSight Telepsychiatry

    InSight Telepsychiatry is a leading telepsychiatry service provider with a mission to transform access to quality behavioral health care. InSight + Regroup serves hundreds of organizations and individuals in various settings across the continuum of care with its on-demand, scheduled services and direct-to-consumer (Inpathy) divisions. Given its size, diversity of services and extensive experience and expertise, InSight + Regroup is uniquely positioned to enable scalable telepsychiatry programs across the care continuum. As an industry thought leader, InSight + Regroup has helped shape the field, define the standard of care and advocate for improved telepsychiatry-friendly regulations

  • MediTelecare


    MediTelecare is an industry leader in providing behavioral and mental telehealth services to residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. We connect world-class clinicians to residents, via state of the art televideo, who wouldn't otherwise have physical access to specialized care. Our clinicians are a part of a world-class clinical team that include psychologists, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists and clinical social workers. MediTelecare clinicians have a passion for working with the elderly and strive to make a difference - all by working remotely through telehealth technology

  • SourceNet Global

    SourceNet Global

    SourceNet Global is a strategic sourcing consultancy specializing in Healthcare Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (BPO-KPO). We offer proven solutions to transform technology enabled business processes to significantly reduce cost while improving quality of outcome and speed of delivery. Established in early 2000 as Colorado Corporation, SourceNet has evolved from diversified industry technology and product sourcing to a healthcare focused global sourcing consultancy. Our qualified pool of global delivery partner network with specialized technology and process engineering experience meet stringent quality and security standards/certifications and assure robust communications infrastructure. The SourceNet executive management team includes seasoned healthcare industry, medical practice and global sourcing professionals with combined experience of over 100 years. Our wide spectrum of Information Technology Enabled Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services are designed to identify, assess, architect and execute cost savings initiatives for our clients - Providers, Payers, and Third Party Administrators (TPA). Our in-depth experience of offshore/onshore outsourcing delivery models and pool of world-class global delivery partners specialized in the Healthcare domain assure rewarding engagements with bottom line results to our US and Canada based clients

  • Vesta Teleradiology

    Vesta Teleradiology

    With headquarters in Orlando, FL, Vesta Teleradiology provides superior teleradiology coverage to diagnostic centers, hospitals, and mobile x-ray companies, 24x7x365. We are an experienced and dedicated company ready to handle your entire radiology business requirements. We have the ability to design a custom solution tailored to suit your needs in the most cost-effective manner available

  • VetMed Group

    VetMed Group

    VetMed Group was founded with a focus on providing medical supplies to Government organizations. Founded and operated by a team of veterans, we know what it means to serve. It is with this in mind, that VetMed Group strives to do all it can to meet the needs of America's veterans. We aim to provide medical supplies and project management services to medical centers across the country. We are also committed to hiring veterans to join our team for the long term. In addition, we support charitable veterans organizations

  • Wexford Health Sources

    Wexford Health Sources

    Wexford Health Sources is a leading innovative correctional health care company that provides clients with experienced management and technologically advanced services, combined with programs that control costs while ensuring quality. For the past two decades, Wexford Health has consistently delivered proven staffing expertise and a full range of medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, utilization management, provider contracting, claims processing, and quality management services