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Top 10 Telemedicine Solution Companies - 2021

Although telemedicine has been around for several decades now, the typical slow adoption of technology in healthcare meant that it has to wait on the sidelines. However, telemedicine has stepped up and made a convincing case for why it

has to be considered an integral part of the healthcare system. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people were able to get the care of physicians without going into ground zero via telemedicine services. It not only curbed the spread of the virus but also helped in limiting patient displacement to hospitals, enabling the hospitals to focus on high-priority cases. Consequently, the total number of healthcare practices adopting telemedicine has been mushrooming at an astounding rate in the past few months.

Today, governments, private insurers, and healthcare professionals are taking significant measures to expand telemedicine services. Besides being the adequate option to lift the burden off the existing health infrastructure, telemedicine services have also been found to be very effective in the forward triage of patients - the sorting of patients before they arrive in the emergency department. During this crisis, telemedicine solutions are also playing a significant role in providing routine care for patients with chronic diseases.

The pandemic has indeed signified the role of technology in healthcare by positioning virtual care as a mandatory part of future-readiness. The telemedicine solutions are thus expanding their functionality to make them more convenient for clinicians and patients. The rise in electronic health records (EHR) embedded telemedicine solutions, the surge in the development of the internet-of-medical-things (IoMT) devices, the increasing adoption of big data and artificial intelligence, and the incorporation of augmented reality (AR) in telehealth services are all some of the corresponding trends in the domain.

At this juncture, there is a variety of telemedicine solution providers available in the market that cater to the different needs of healthcare organizations and professionals. To help them choose the solution provider that best fits their requirement, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 telemedicine solution providers. The enlisted solution providers are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides,

the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CXOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Telemedicine Solution companies – 2021

    Telemedicine Solutions Companies

  • Clear Arch Health is a personal and enterprise healthcare technology solution provider that is offering innovative telemedicine and telehealth offerings. The company works with healthcare providers, hospitals, payers, and medical groups to help them manage population health using a variety of solutions, including RPM. By providing connected health kits to patients suffering from chronic illnesses, Clear Arch Health monitors their vital signs and helps provider groups to manage large patient populations

  • Offers an integrated digital health platform that is powered by an AI triage system that directs patients to the right point of care and allows doctors to efficiently deliver high-quality patient care

  • Creates custom, cutting-edge telemedicine solutions to help providers offer access to quality healthcare coverage

  • The company’s one hundred percent white-labeled telehealth platform is easily customizable, browser-based, and boasts a 2-click simplicity in operation for both the patients and providers. Their latest release goes beyond 1:1 video calls to provide true virtual care, mirroring in-person workflows, anywhere

  • Portal Telemedicine is a Brazilian Telemedicine company that offers AI-assisted revolutionary tele-diagnostics platform, connecting the best specialty physicians to clinics and hospitals, even those in remote locations, which enables the delivery of diagnostics in a few minutes and at an affordable price. With the help of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the company connects more than 2000 of its in-house doctors across specialties, including cardiologists, neurologists, urologists, and others, to provide tele diagnostics to patients in the remotest corners in minutes. Further, to enable interoperability between medical devices, Portal Telemedicine developed drivers and data handlers to extract information directly from proprietary medical devices, which is sent to the doctors automatically without any manual intervention, speeding up the diagnostics process as well as mitigating any chances of error in the data

  • A telemedicine provider that brings patients closer to the care providers

  • Secure Telehealth provides secure, HIPAA-compliant, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-encrypted telehealth software that allows specialists to provide high-quality healthcare services anywhere and at any time of the day. The company is also offering end-to-end technical support to both physicians and patients with its 24/7 help desk at no additional charges. It includes—but not limited to—helping patients go-about using the software, creating and managing their user accounts, ensuring their security settings, and fixing other hardware and software issues to run the software seamlessly

  • Since 1993, TeleMedic Systems, an innovative medical solution provider, has been offering integrated telemedicine solutions that are tailored to a client’s need. Many telemedicine solutions provide basic capability, TeleMedic Systems’ VitalLink™ family of products offers a suite of medical parameters to choose from, these are combined into a system that makes the VitalLink effective across a broad range of applications in diverse sectors and industries. TeleMedic Systems’ telemedicine solutions enable patients to receive enhanced healthcare everywhere seamlessly. The company’s VitalLink3, a small, lightweight, and durable telemedicine device is at the heart of the system, it connects and communicates with medical sensors wirelessly or via Bluetooth

  • Amwell


    Amwell (previously known as American Well) is a leading telehealth platform in the United States and globally, connecting and enabling providers, insurers, patients, and innovators to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality care. Amwell believes that digital care delivery will transform healthcare. The Company offers a single, comprehensive platform to support all telehealth needs from urgent to acute and post-acute care, behavioral health, as well as chronic care management and healthy living. With over a decade of experience, Amwell powers telehealth solutions for over 240 health systems comprised of 2,000 hospitals and 55 health plan partners with over 36,000 employers, reaching over 150 million lives

  • Teladoc Health

    Teladoc Health

    Teladoc Health is on a mission to empower all people everywhere to live healthier lives by transforming the healthcare experience. Recognized as the world leader in whole-person virtual care, Teladoc Health addresses the full spectrum of health and well-being — powered by human expertise, advanced technology and insights—to deliver improved clinical outcomes at scale. Serving more than 175 countries and ranked Best in KLAS for Virtual Care Platforms in 2020, Teladoc Health leverages extensive expertise and data-driven insights to meet the growing healthcare needs of consumers and healthcare professionals