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Top 10 Telemedicine Solution Providers - 2019

Once there was a time when every patient had to visit a clinical facility no matter what health issue they were suffering from. But, today the scenario has changed drastically, thanks to the emergence of telemedicine. Not only has telemedicine highlighted the value of using digital tools to improve the communication process remotely between the patient and the doctor, but telemedicine has also eased the way people receive medical care at the comfort of their home. In short, telemedicine has the potential for delivering faster, seamless, better, economic, and more convenient care.

One of the trends leading the telemedicine sector is the establishment of virtual clinics. Being an integral component of telemedicine, virtual medical centres play a vital role in reducing the expenses, burden, and time spent in travelling to and fro from clinics. According to some telemedicine market experts, today, virtual clinics have improved patient satisfaction by 97 percent and this trend is likely to keep increasing in the future. Multiple healthcare providers working in psychiatry, neurology, dermatology, and more have already set up many virtual clinics to dispense remote services to patients.

Another interesting feature of telemedicine is improving patients’ mental health, which has taken the driver seat in today’s fast paced era.  But now many telemedicine providers are working toward adopting tele-mental health, which not only makes receiving mental health treatment in the privacy of their homes but also encourages use of smart devices to receive care.

With the rise of mobile phones, virtual doctors’ visits, real-time patient-doctor communication, and remote patient monitoring have become a widely accepted by patients and medical providers alike. Not only does mobile health (mHealth) bolster the possibility of widely distributing medical information to patients without any delay, it also encourages individuals to seek medical attention at whenever and wherever they want.

Along with telemedicine’s increasing reliance on smartphones, healthcare networks and providers are also investing in internet of things (IoT). Wearable technologies like wrist watches and smart sensors track patients’ movements and heart rate are giving doctors insight into the health regime of patients and thus, there overall health improvement.

However, while there is a plethora of telemedicine techniques, healthcare providers are often faced with the dilemma of choosing reliable and up-to-date telemedicine solution providers. To help them cross the sea of doubt, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of Healthcare Tech Outlook have listed top 10 telemedicine solution providers in the current edition. These telemedicine solution providers have been hand-picked for their customer-centric approach toward offering telemedicine solutions. 

    Top Telemedicine Technology companies

  • Offers an intuitive, innovative, and streamlined platform that allows patients to connect with healthcare providers virtually from anywhere,anytime

  • AMD provides personalized telehealth solutions that connect patients with remote healthcare providers, regardless of location, circumstance, or time

  • Provide better patient communications to prevent readmissions in an easy, cost-effective solution

  • Delivers expert telemedicine services in almost any field of medicine, clinical care, or diagnostics

  • The healthcare service provider offers a comprehensive virtual care solution pertaining to telehealth, expert medical, and licensed platform services

  • AEON Global Health

    AEON Global Health

    AEON Global Health is a leading healthcare company that drives better patient care and healthier lives

  • American Well

    American Well

    American Well is a leading telehealth platform in the U.S, that connects and enables the various stakeholders to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality care



    BRIGHT.MD develops user-friendly software solutions that help enhance the diagnosis and treatment of common health concerns. It dramatically lower doctors’ costs and expand their capacity, while enabling them to deliver convenient, trustworthy care to their busy patients

  • Dr+ on demand

    Dr+ on demand

    Doctor On Demand is the next-generation video telemedicine company, offering on-demand and scheduled visits with US-licensed healthcare providers via any smartphone, tablet, or computer

  • Forefront TeleCare

    Forefront TeleCare

    Forefront TeleCare is a pioneer in the delivery of behavioral health services via their unique HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform which incorporates software, hardware and comprehensive services